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It’s easy to get lost in the jungle of hair products available for men. How do you know that you are using the right product for your hair type and style? As GQ Magazine puts it, “The difference between good hair and bad hair isn’t what you’re born with, it’s how it’s styled”. So we wanted to take this week’s blog post to let Fabio Scalia give some tips on men’s styles and explain the best products to use to get the results you want between salon visits. Fabio, when having short hair, is it really necessary to invest in professional products? – Yes definitely! People tend to think that when you have short hair, there’s no need for professional products and I would say it’s the opposite. Isn’t just an amazing haircut enough? – For a long hairstyle that might be the case. But for a shorter cut, you need some sort of high-quality product to get the look you want. First things first, you should use a shampoo for your specific hair type. Ideally, you shouldn’t wash your hair more than twice a week but when you do, you shampoo two times. The first time is to get rid of oils and make sure the hair and scalp is completely clean. The second time is for the shampoo to really do its work and restabilize the pH-balance. But what if the client works out several times a week? – Remember this: sweat is water, minerals and salt. There’s no need to shampoo after every workout. Instead, wet your hair in the shower and use label.men Invigorating Conditioner. What’s the benefit of using the label.men Invigorating Conditioner? – The label.men Invigorating Conditioner works like magic on the hair and scalp. It doesn’t only restore moisture and vitality, but also tones and balances the scalp. In addition, it leaves the hair healthy and shiny. What about styling products? – Take my advice and don’t just leave your hair as it is after you washed it. You want your haircut to live up to its full potential and that’s impossible without a product. Imagine if you tried to paint something without having color on your brush - I’m pretty sure you’d end up with an empty canvas. When the hair is washed, you want to build up the texture again, which is why a prepping product is important to have. For example, Oribe Creme for Style can be applied to damp hair to control cowlicks and give volume and movement to the hair. When hair starts to dry, add some paste, fiber paste or wax, depending on your hair type and the style you are trying to achieve. Your hairdresser will tell you the exact products you need to get salon results at home.   At Fabio Scalia Salon, we offer multiple products with different purposes and we’d be happy to prescribe the right products for your specific hair type on your next appointment with us. Schedule your consultation with us today in Soho Schedule your consultation with us today in Brooklyn Heights Fabio Scalia is an upscale hair salon in SoHo and Brooklyn Heights, New York. We offer services such as haircuts, styling, balayage, coloring and extensions.

Bradley Cooper shot by David Slijper for GQ Australia Getting a men’s haircut right may seem like an easy task, but getting it just right might be easier said than done. We have listed five mistakes that men make when choosing a hair style. Good news – they’re an easy fix! You’re not taking your natural hairlines into consideration To achieve a hairstyle that goes well with your features, the proportions of the cut have to be just right. Your hairline in the back should stretch at least 2 inches below your earline. Meaning, you want to keep hair on your neck to avoid the risk of your head looking too small and your neck looking too big. When it comes to grooming, a good indicator would be to leave 1 1/2 - 2 inches on your neck for best results. A men’s haircut should be customized and varies for each individual. A good cut can minimize a receding or low hairline in the front. You’re forgetting the cowlicks Another classic mistake is to skip consultation on cowlicks, a lock of hair that grows in a different direction from the rest. A customized cut that controls cowlicks and benefits the hairstyle at the same time should allow you to win the battle.  You’re not thinking about the entire look It’s also important to keep the entire look in mind; eyebrows, beard etc. The proportions, shapes, and geometry is individual for each client and has to be just right to enhance the features. Sideburns are a way to sculpt your face and they can’t be too long or too short – they have to be just right. A good guideline would be to cut them in line with the tragus (mid-ear) as you want them to be long enough to create that natural feeling. Illustrations by Leon Bowers for FashionBeans You’re not using the right products Maintaining your style in between visits to the salon can be a tough challenge and when having short hair, the texture is key. Therefore, it’s important that you use the right type and amount of products. Is conditioner really necessary for men? What type of products should you use for short hair? How often should you wash your hair? Truth is, it depends. And that’s exactly why consultation is so important. You’re not investing in a style that lasts So you left the salon with a great haircut – now what? A hairstyle shouldn’t only last for one or two weeks, it should be maintained until your next visit to the salon. Meaning, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the style as the hair grows in. Choosing the right place to get your hair cut is crucial. There’s a difference between going to a barber that relies on clippers and razors and going to a salon that uses mostly scissors to create a long lasting and personalized cut. At Fabio Scalia Salon, we’ve got you covered! Our dedicated staff specializes in using the appropriate tools and techniques to create a look that is easy to style at home and grows in properly. This means fewer salon visits to maintain your hairstyle. Step into the salon between cuts and we will even give you a complimentary side burn and neck touch-up. (There’s a reason they call us the best salon in New York City, wink wink). Are you ready for a makeover? Schedule a consultation with one of our stylists today here (Soho) or here (Brooklyn).